Strategic management

Corporate communication is much more than a series of creative campaigns. By means of sophisticated methodological solutions, we support and train agencies and in-house communication teams in their planning, management and measurement processes. We provide consultancy for communication managers in quality assurance and resource management.

Content management

By understanding and integrating data of media consumption, as well as international insights and trends, we support communication agencies, in-house communication teams and media corporations providing branded content solutions in order to plan and develop effective content creation and management strategies.


For the top management of a company, communication is justified only if it is measurable. Measurement cannot be l’art pour l’art; it is aimed at fine tuning communication activities in the long run. We use internationally acknowledged methodologies to provide tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Internal communications

One of the hottest segments of communication is employer branding and communication with prospective and current employees. Technological innovations enable improved targeting and measurability, whereas corporate culture has a pivotal role in motivating and engaging employees.

Crisis communications

In business, it is impossible to avoid certain issues and problems and even crisis. Still, it is vital to know how to be prepared for these events. We provide tools and consultancy to manage actual crisis situations.


Sustainability is more than a series of charity projects. We provide social impact measures, international benchmarking and sustainability and responsibility strategies.