PersonaR Insight

Aim: to help our clients with profound and appropriate insights about their stakeholders, local communities, client expectations and market trends.
Methods: vary from social and communicational surveys, implementation of global research to analyzing accessible surveys.

Aim: to provide feedback about our clients’ media performance.
Method: media analyses and benchmark-analyses on traditional, digital and social media.

Aim: to provide feedback about the efficiency of our clients’ organization.
Method: to evaluate our clients’ internal workflow and procedures.

Our analyses
Aim: to give our clients an independent and comparable feedback about their performance.
Method: our monthly analyses rank the PR performance of major corporations.

PersonaR Consultancy

Aim: to help our clients (mainly head of departments or at C-level) prepare for organizational and professional challenges.
Method: personal counseling on set or unplanned issues.

Aim: to provide independent and professional support for effective and efficient campaign execution.
Method: identify expectation and business objectives, support for agency tenders, follow campaign execution and evaluate performance.

Aim: to create or fine-tune professional and overall communication plan.
Method: identify objectives and create organizational and workflow procedures. This service is useful for strategic and annual planning, entering new markets and at (re)branding.

PersonaR Academy

Open trainings:
On our 2-day-trainings we are focusing on the basics of corporate communication. We invite communication professionals or those who are responsible for communication at their organization.

Closed trainings:
Our 1-2-day-workshops are built from training modules, held with topic experts and focus on the specific needs of our clients.

Tailored webinars:
Our programmes last 1-2 hours and help to identify and provide solutions for communicational problems. We usually invite specific experts for additional support.

Open webinars:
We offer complimentary talks and presentations of our new analyses every time we publish one.