We do management consultancy: our field of expertise is strategic and PR communication.

For us, PR is much more than a series of dazzling campaigns. It is:

  • the accurate insight of the very BUSINESS GOALS and the thorough familiarity with target groups, internal resources and the market.
  • professional PLANNING so that the message reaches the relevant audience – the most appropriate way.
  • accurate MEASUREMENT in order that we see whether we are in accordance with professional and business expectations – or at least with our own anticipation.

We do all this while we know: communication is an integral part of business and can never be done for its own sake.

Since our start in 2005, we have gained experience in reputation management, crisis communication, internal communication, change management, branding, investor communication, organizational development, productivity improvement, digital and social media, corporate social responsibilty (CSR) and public affairs as well as in management consultancy and independent business and communication research.

We have supported firms from the bank, automotive, aviation and healthcare industry but we have assisted non-profit organizations, as well. So we know both the big shots and the little ones.

Due to our international business experience and network, we undertake projects to provide strategic communication consultancy for international companies planning to enter the Eastern European market. Also, we support Hungarian firms in entering international markets.